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Sponsorship Opportunity

The Elite 50-50 brand includes over 20 basketball events each year!

  • An estimated 20,000+ people will participate in or attend our events annually ( is our host for tournaments) 

  • All events are live-streamed and available for replay on BallerTV for college coaches, scouts, parents, family and friends to watch.

  • 1000’s more view highlights on Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter

  • Our mission is to provide exposure events to help student athletes get college scholarship offers.

​Brand with Up and Coming Talent

  • Trend Setters: As high school athletes, they are already popular in their hometown cities, states and nationally. They influence their peers and younger generations who look up to them as role models.

  • Brand Loyalty: Attaching a brand early to these athletes can create brand awareness and brand loyalty that builds relationships that can grow into their collegiate and professional careers as well.

  • Bargain Price: The cost of sponsoring a grassroots basketball brand is a fraction of the cost of sponsoring a collegiate athletic program or professional athletes, especially NBA All-Star caliber players

  • Social Media Exposure: our platforms, athletes, and the grassroots basketball culture have a large social media presence and level of engagement compared to other niche markets or influencers.

Marketing Channel Opportunities

  • ​Signs and Banners displayed in key locations at the gyms, hotel, schools, and other event sites 

  • Advertisements in event press releases, print publications, new letters , Live Stream coverage, and  t-shirts, etc., 

  • Permanent website link on the Strive For Perfection Website and Elite 50-50 website  

  • Booths or Exhibits to sell or promote products or services directly to event participants, coaches and fans.

  • Social Media product placement, promotions, and/or shout outs on multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, and Tik Tok

  • The Elite 50-50 is a platform for 100's of top high school players to showcase their skills and talent in front of national scouts, media and video outlets- all without the backing of any of the 3 major shoe brands or major national sponsorship.

Micro Niche Market: Grassroots Basketball

  • You can spend $5 million on a Super Bowl ad and only get <5% return

  • can spend .1 % of that ($5,000) and get a 95% return on the niche market

Why We Need Your Help

Our mission is to put together a platform that help student athletes make their dreams a reality to become college student athletes, improve their game, and become better men on and off the court.


Elite 50-50 Camp is a non-profit event that comes completely out of pocket. A large majority of campers come from under represented minorities and lower socioeconomic families. We provide an equal opportunity for all student athletes to be able to showcase their talent to get more college scholarship offers, increase their rankings, and grow as a person on and off the court. 

Expenses provided by the camp include:

  • Meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and late post-game meals

  • Hotel rooms for out-of-town campers and media 

  • Local Transportation to and from the airports/hotel/gym 

  • Gym facility rental including trainers, referees, scorekeepers, stats keepers, staff, equipment, and insurance.

  • Apparel including jerseys, shorts, t-shirts, warm-up shirt, socks, etc.

*All contributions can be tax deductible using Elite 50-50 program which is a Virgina 501(c)(3) nonprofit. ​

How To Get Involved: Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages range from $1,000 -  $100,000 depending on the level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Presenting. For more information on packages please email

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